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Circular Plastics Alliance

PEKU Folien is a member of the „Circular Plastics Alliance“.


The goal of this alliance is to have 10 million tons of recycled plastic used to make new products every year in Europe, by 2025. It also calls out for a shift to zero plastic waste in nature and zero landfilling.


The following measures are mentioned:


• Improving the design of plastic products to make them more recyclable and integrate more recycled plastics

• Identifying untapped potential for more plastic waste collection, sorting and recycling across the EU, as well as the investment gaps

• Building a Research & Development agenda for circular plastics

• Establishing a transparent and reliable monitoring system to track all flows of plastic waste in the EU


What does PEKU Folien contribute?


• PEKU Folien almost exclusively produces monofilms, which are fully recyclable

PEKUGreen film consists of up to 100% renewable resources and has a better carbon footprint than conventional film

• In our own recycling plant internal wastes are regranulated to use as



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