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Drawstring bags are used in many different ways. Thanks to the drawstring, the bags are easy to open and to reclose. Drawstring bags are ideal for packaging of products of daily use that have to be protected from dirt and dust.  


Hygienic industry: Packaging for cotton, cotton pads or cotton buds.  


Food industry: As bread bags or as laundry bags in hotels or hospitals – drawstring bags are extremely versatile. They are also available as wicketed bags for automatic or semi-automatic packaging. To ensure safety and integrity of the content, a tear perforation can be integrated in the bag on demand.  


Industrial goods: Bags with drawstring are frequently used instead of cartonnages for industrial application. A transparent drawstring bag is space-saving, easy to hang up and ensures the visability of the content.  


All our drawstring bags are available with one or two drawstrings in any required colour. Drawstring bags directly from the manufacturer - we are looking forward to your inquiry!

Drawstring bag: Convenient to close and reopen, with one or two strings, easy to store

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