Pre-opened bags-on-a-roll

PEKU Folien

Pre-opened bags-on-a-roll

Filling: The pre-opened bags-on-a-roll are opened manually or automatically by air blast and they are filled while still hanging on the roll. After filling, the bag is teared off and sealed. Lateral cardboard disks ensure the steady and exact unwinding of the roll. Holes can be punched in the bags, allowing air to escape during the packing process. The back of the bag can be coloured for better visibility of the bag’s content. A vertical tear-off perforation helps to re-open the filled bags.


Applications: pre-opened bags on a roll are used wherever many small pieces have to be packed within a short time, e.g. in industries such as automotive, toys, plumbing parts, electronics, metal hardware, household products, medical and health care  


Order Quantity & Printing: Like all our packaging solutions, we offer our bags-on-a-roll in nearly every quantity, from small series to large production, printed with up to 10 colours or unprinted – directly from the manufacturer!   Any questions concerning our bags-on-a-roll? We look forward to your inquiry by mail or by phone: +49 (0)9181/2960-0!

Pre-opened bags-on-a-roll are perfectly suitable for handpacking as well as semi- or fully automatic bag sealing machines. Our bags-on-a-roll are used for packing many small parts within a short time.

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