So that our environment stays clean.

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What others demand has long been the standard at PEKU Folien. Our energy management system is certified to ISO 50001:2011.


Our highly advanced machinery operates with outstanding energy efficiency and very small quantities of waste. Film waste that is produced internally is recycled to reusable resin in our own recycling equipment, from where it can subsequently be channelled back into the production process.


Thanks to a regenerative post-combustion system for air cleaning, we operate significantly below the regulatory pollution limits. More than 50% of our total energy needed are supplied from renewable sources.


The printing colours we are using on our 8 and 10 colours flexo printing presses are certified as climate-neutral.


We also offer you the possibility to improve your carbon footprint. Use our products PEKUGreen and PEKUBlue for more sustainability.

Energy Certificate

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