Convenient to close and open again

Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags can be used in a variety of ways. They are particularly suitable for packaging that is in frequent use and needs to protect the contents from dust and dirt.


All drawstring bags are available loose or wicketed – for semi-automatic as well as fully automatic packaging.


The drawstring makes these bags easy to open and reseal. An optional tear perforation at the opening ensures that the bag has not yet been opened.

A PE cord makes the drawstring bag single-sort and even more sustainable. Of course, we also supply this drawstring in your desired colour.

Fields of application

Our drawstring bags are very popular in the hygiene industry as packaging for cotton pads or cotton buds, in the food industry as bread bags or as laundry bags in the hotel & health sector. Drawstring bags are also being used more and more for industrial products, replacing cardboard boxes. This is because a transparent drawstring bag is space-saving, can be easily hung up and ensures the best visibility of the contents.


  • PE cord or cotton cord in desired colour
  • With one or two pull cords
  • Tear perforation without extra charge
  • Home compostable


You can get drawstring bags from PEKU in a wide variety of dimensions, depending on customer requirements

Recyclable materials

  • PE films made from quality granulates, up to 100 % recyclable
  • PEKULight films, up to 50 % reduced in thickness
  • PEKUBlue films made from post-industrial recyclate,
    EuCertPlast certified, food-grade upon request
  • PEKUPCR made from post-consumer recyclate, EuCertPlast certified,
    RecyClass certified upon request
  • PEKUGreen made from renewable raw materials


  • With PEKUPrint® you can have all our bags printed with up to 10 colours in flexoprinting – with PEKUPrint Prime® or in brilliant quality for photo-realistic images with PEKUPrint Full HD®.
  • Subsequent thermo transfer printing in your packaging line is of course also possible.

Order quantities

Like all our packaging solutions, we also offer our drawstring bags in almost any quantity. From small series to large orders, everything is possible. Everything is possible, from small series to large orders.

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