Special applications demand special films.

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Films from PEKU Folien fulfil the highest requirements from demanding industrial customers. Our films, which are specially tuned to your packaging machines, are particularly tear-resistant, non-flammable, electrically non-conductive and anti-static.


PEKUComposite helps create synergies. Our latest product development offers distinct processing advantages such as high film stiffness, high packaging speeds, no curling of the film, sealing temperatures up to 190° and highest tear resistance. Additional product advantages on demand, such as attractive matt and gloss effects, extremely high transparency, opaque colouring or printing colours protected against abrasion make PEKUComposite the perfect packaging for high end industrial goods on automatic packaging machines.


We manufacture flat films as well as tubular and semi-tubular films – the latter can also be printed on the inside. We also supply small rolls for easier and more ergonomic handling.



Our carrier bags are not only convenient for carrying, durable and extremely tear-resistant, they are also brilliant advertising media. We can print your carrier bags in up to 10 colours in full HD quality, which makes us a technology leader in Europe.

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