From quality resin to the perfect film.

Production > Extrusion

Our high-output extrusion facility is at the outset of our film production. We manufacture films in a width of 50 to 1,600 mm on 15 production lines, some of which are multi-layer COEX facilities.

To make sure we can always draw on spare capacity most of the machine types we use are available in sets of two or more. This ensures reliable and perfectly coordinated production stages and constant security of delivery with consistently high quality.

We only use high-quality resins from leading manufacturers. We develop exactly the right product recipe for your application from the several thousand different recipes that we have available. Depending on your requirements, our films can be made non-flammable to B1 standard, resistant to heat or cold, extremely easy to seal or particularly tear-resistant, or they can have specific electrical or anti-static properties as well as outstanding visual characteristics.

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