PEKUGreen for greater sustainability

Climate improvement by reducing the emission of CO2

PEKUGreen benefits

Improve your carbon footprint with PEKUGreen!  


In contrast to conventional, fossil based plastics, PEKUGreen is derived from renewable raw materials.  


You could get all our foil products also based on renewable raw materials. PEKUGreen can replace the classic raw material nearly completely, or as well proportionally from more than 20 % up to more than 85 % of renewable granulates.  


PEKU Green can be used wherever you are using conventional LDPE film. The film and processing properties of PEKU Green remain unchanged. Designs such as smooth and blunt film or the coloring of these are self-evident.  


Ask for your foil products, which are used for example for packaging of food, cosmetics & hygiene, pet care or industry & trade. We will be happy to advise you.


As it is standard for all our products, PEKUGreen is 100% recyclable.  


The subject of sustainability is not limited to PEKUGreen. Learn more about sustainability at PEKU Folien GmbH.


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