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Self adhesive bags, as well as envelopes, are used whenever a bag has to be reclosed easily, and wherever the protection of the content against contamination or loss is essential. Therefore, the flap of the bag is provided with a reclosable or permanent adhesive stripe which makes the bag extremely user-friendly.  


Of course you will receive our self adhesive bags also with two adhesion stripes, for dual use, for example for return delivery.  


Self adhesive bags are ideal for packing and shipping of magazines, textiles and many industrial goods.  


Like all our packaging solutions, we offer our self adhesive bags in nearly every quantity, from small series to large production, printed with up to 10 colours or unprinted – directly from the manufacturer!  


Any questions concerning our self adhesive bags? We look forward to your inquiry by mail or by phone: +49 (0)9181/2960-0!

Permanently sealing or reclosable – also with two adhesive strips for two-way use if returning  items.

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