PE films and bags in highest cleanroom quality

Our cleanroom films and bags are manufactured in accordance to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 in cleanroom class ISO 7 in operation/ISO 5 at rest. In addition, the entire production process is subject to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

In addition to the production of cleanroom packaging, we also offer co-packing in the cleanroom.

The cleanroom films and cleanroom bags are comprehensively protected against unacceptable contamination from production to packaging. They ensure the purity of your cleanroom products and their environment.

  • Zone differentiation through flow concepts between clean room and background environment (turbulent dilution flow VDS)
  • Overpressure concept
  • Air changes and air flows optimized for production conditions
  • Regulation of temperature and humidity in the production room
  • Airlock system for material
  • Airlock system for personnel with access control
  • Airlock system for the finished product
  • Highest hygiene measures and controlling
  • Rules of conduct and controlling
  • Monitoring of particle and germ contamination during production

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Cleanroom film production at PEKU in Neumarkt/Oberpfalz

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