From one source, at one location, under one roof

PEKU production: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

From granulate preparation and film extrusion to printing and packaging of the bags: all our processes are efficiently and intelligently interlinked. Our modern machinery is systematically maintained by our technicians. Redundant equipment guarantees 100% availability – around the clock.

A large stock of raw materials makes us independent of bottlenecks on the world market and guarantees constant production capability with consistent quality. Our well-rehearsed team – many production employees have been working for PEKU Folien for decades – is at your service in three shifts. From small quantities to large orders, we always produce your packaging at the highest level of cleanliness, certified according to BRC.

High-performance extrusion

At the beginning of the film production is our high-performance extrusion. With 15, partly multi-layer COEX lines, we produce films from 100 to 1,500 mm width.

Most of the lines are available in multiple instances. This redundancy ensures reliable, perfectly coordinated production steps and constant delivery reliability in consistently high quality.

10-colour flexo printing

PEKU Folien operates one of the leading flexo printing plants in Europe. Even our standard resolution (up to 44 L/cm, 112 lpi) enables a striking, finely screened print image. With our premium print resolution PEKUPrint Full HD® (up to 63 L/cm, 160 lpi) we create fascinating print results full of depth and brilliance with up to 10 colours. We also pay attention to environmental compatibility and sustainability in our print shop; the printing inks we use, for example, are produced in a climate-neutral way.

Confection and logistics

In our last production step, the conversion, your bags are created from the already printed film.

We keep your packaging in stock in two high-bay warehouses. Partial deliveries on call are therefore possible at short notice at any time. Our central location allows overnight delivery to almost any place in Europe. This saves you storage capacity and conserves your resources.

Before leaving our warehouse, we protect your film products by using edge protectors, high-quality cardboard boxes/sleeves and intermediate layers of corrugated cardboard.

Lagerhaltung und Logistik bei PEKU
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In-house recycling plant

Even during the manufacturing process, any production waste is sorted and collected separately. Our in-house recycling plant turns it back into high-quality regranulates, which we use to successfully close the material cycle: It is used to create our sustainable PEKUBlue material. These high-quality regranulate films achieve a similar level of quality as our other product lines – right up to food suitability.