Packaging films on rolls directly from the manufacturer – fully recyclable

PEKU packaging films are made from specially developed film formulations. Their continuously high quality ensures reliable machine runability on your packaging lines – optimal conditions for high cycle rates and a smooth production process.

Our fully recyclable PE films are available in a wide variety of designs and properties – such as reduced thickness, with recycled content, puncture-resistant, extremely easy to weld and/or UV-resistant.

PEKU films are available as flat films or automatic films, half-tubular films and tubular films, as mono or composite versions.

Even unprinted, our films do a great job – as value-preserving outer packaging for your product. They become a real sales promoter through photo-realistic printing in the PEKUPrint® process with up to 10 colours!

Nachhaltige Flachfolie

Flat film


made of quality raw materials, for highest packaging speeds. Can be dyed and printed according to customer requirements.

Flat/Automatic film
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Recyclingfähige Halbschlauchfolie



Film opened on one side, straight-edged winding. Coloured upon request, often printed (also inside) with white stripe.

Semi-tubular film
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Edge-straight wound tubular film, optionally dyed or printed.

Tubular film
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Recyclingfähige Verbundfolie, sortenrein aus Polyethylen

Composite films
(pure PE)

PEKU Composite

The pure alternative to conventional laminated films made of PET/PE or OPP/PE – ideal for processing on flowpack or sealing seam machines.

PEKU composite films >

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