As little as possible, as much as necessary

Even when advising our customers, we keep the sustainability of their packaging solution in mind. Significantly thinner films, for example – with consistently excellent properties – contribute to CO2 reduction just as much as the use of recycled materials.

All our PE films and bags are up to 100% recyclable. This means that their product packaging can be fed into the plastics recycling system after use. The resulting PCR material (post-consumer plastic recyclate) can then be used to make new bags and films.

Even our own production waste is collected by type, recycled in our in-house
recycling plant into certified PIR granulate (post-industrial recyclate) and reprocessed.

In addition, we also offer films and bags made from renewable raw materials, as well as
home-compostable film packaging. Let’s make an active contribution to more sustainability together!

Particularly sustainable product lines from PEKU


PEKU Blue Stärkenreduzierte PE-Folien und PE-Beutel

Ressourcenschonende Verpackungen


PEKU White partikelarme Folien und Beutel aus Polyethylen



PEKU Greenline

PEKUGreen und PEKUCompost

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We burn for sustainability.

Therefore, PEKU Folien is a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance.
We are committed to the challenge of “zero pellet loss”.