PEKU is a medium-sized family business, whose focus lies on producing environmentally sustainable films and bags. Industries we are partners of include „Food“, „Hygiene“, „Garden Products“, „Industrial Applications“ and many more. Our product portfolio covers mono- and coextruded foils made out of polyethylene which are fully recyclable. Internal wastes are regranulated in our own recycling plant and reintroduced into the production cycle. On top of that, we created a brand, PEKUGreen, which uses renewable resources. PEKU is able to print all foils with up to 10 colors by using the high-end flexo printing process (Full-HD-quality).


Our product range includes flat films, center folded films and tubular films. In our ready made area, PEKU focuses on drawstring bags, pressure closure bags, pre-opened bags-on-a-roll, euroslot bags, wrap bags and special bags. Furthermore the company also offers simple bottom gusseted, side seam and bottom seam bags.




1962: Company founded by Siegfried Schneider in Neumarkt. Production of simple foil bags and stitched bags.


1970: The company invests into a 4-color-printing-machine.


1977: A film-extrusion-machine and the foil-conversion-facility get added.


1985: The first 6-color-printing-machine gets put into operation.


End of the 90s: Building up the production of drawstring bags.


2002: Takeover of the PA/PE-production of the company „Odenwald Chemie“.


2003: Investment into a new 8-color-flexo-printing-machine.


2004: Installation of an incinerator.


2006: The production capacity of drawstring bags gets increased and the first foil-conversion-machine for pressure closure bags gets started up.


2007: A coex-film-extrusion-machine is added.


2010: Mr. Schneider is awarded with the Federal Cross of Merit for his diverse commitement as promoter and sponsor in cultural and social areas.


2011: A 10-color-flexo-printing-machine is put into operation.


2014: After 52 years, Mr. Siegfried Schneider sells his company as part of a succession plan to Dr. Ing. Gerd Fricke (majority) and Dieter Burgmer.


2017: PEKUGreen, bio-film made out of renewable resources, is introduced to the market.


2017: After 3 years, Dieter Burgmer drops out of the company as executive partner as planned.


2019: Company founder Siegfried Schneider dies in the age of 87 years.


2019: As new executive director, Christian Rössler is appointed new total sales manager and co-owner of PEKU Folien GmbH. Executive director Franz Eichinger takes over the areas quality, purchase and development. Another coex-film-extrusion-machine as well as the first high-performance production machine for pre-opened bags-on-a-roll are added.

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