Customized film packaging

according to your individual requirements

Our customers come from a wide range of industries. Each of them has its own requirements for their specific film packaging. PEKU always finds the perfect solution – with over 60 years of film expertise and continuous innovation. In the area of research & development, for example, we have our own in-house test laboratory at our disposal.

Hygiene and Cosmetics

We produce film packaging for the sensitive contents of the cosmetics and hygiene industry in compliance with the strictest tolerance specifications and at the highest possible level of cleanliness. It goes without saying that our production is certified according to BRC.

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Medicine, Pharma
and Chemistry

Highly sensitive contents such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, medical instruments, or chemicals require high standards. At the highest purity level according to ISO 14644-1:2015, Class 5, Class 7 – BRC Level A – and in compliance with the strictest specifications, we manufacture high-quality and chemically resistant primary and secondary packaging.

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Automotive and Electronics

We offer VCI films and bags, which are frequently used especially in the automotive and electronics sectors.
The corrosion protection in the film protects your sensitive products from rust during transport and storage.

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Pleasure begins with shopping. Our films and bags protect your high-quality food and extend its shelf life, which also contributes to greater sustainability.

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Industry and Trade

PEKU films meet the highest requirements of demanding industrial customers. Specifically tailored to your packaging machines, not only are our automatic packaging films tear-resistant and puncture-resistant, but also antistatic and UV-stable, on request.

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Sensitive products such as fertilizers, soil, or substrates require packaging with specific properties. PEKU films for the garden are virtually impermeable to light, UV and weather-resistant, easy to weld, highly stable and tear-resistant.

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The production of films and bags for bedding, pet food, and live fish is carried out with the same care and to the same hygiene standards (BRC) as for food products.

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Wood and Paper

Our films and bags for wood products such as wood chips, pellets, etc., as well as for paper and print products, are suitable for automatic or manual packaging.

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A wide range of packaging films and bags.

Curious about our products? Take a look at our bags and films. All our products are up to 100% recyclable or home compostable.

Looking to save even more CO2 and further improve your carbon footprint? Check out our various product lines. Here you will find particularly resource-saving film packaging and packaging made from renewable resources.

Looking for recyclable cleanroom packaging? Then you’ve come to the right place with our cleanroom bags and cleanroom films.

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