Applications for cleanroom films and bags

Our flexible PE films and bags in cleanroom quality are used wherever highly sensitive products are manufactured and packaged in particle- and germ-free environments.

They can be used for different industries – both as primary and secondary packaging:

In medical technology (e.g. for implants) and pharmaceuticals (e.g. as inliners for tablet powders), for electronic parts, in cleanroom equipment such as clothing, valves, pumps, hoses, etc., but also in the fields of optics, sensor technology, electronics, automotive or aviation.

PEKU Folien Branche Medizin und Pharma

Medical Technology

Verpackungsfolien für Sensorik-Branche


PE-Verpackungen für die Branche Chemie


Folien und Beutel als Verpackung für die Elektronikbranche


Zielbranche Verpackungen für Reinraumausstattung

Cleanroom equipment

Verpackungsfolien für die Automotive-Branche


Reinraumfolien Branche Optik


Reinraumfolien Zielbranche Luftfahrt


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