Straight-edge winding and printable on the inside

Semi-tubular film

Semi-tubular films are used when goods are not packaged in pre-made bags, but the film, which is open on one side, is not processed into a bag until it is filled.

Fields of application

Thanks to our many years of experience and cooperation with leading machine manufacturers, we know exactly which points require special attention in order to ensure a smooth packaging process.

Together with the machine manufacturers, PEKU Folien develops the most suitable semi-tubular film for your application – so that you can rely on a constantly high cycle rate of your automatic packaging machine.

PEKU produces semi-tubular films from both high-quality raw materials and recycled materials.

Recyclingfähige Halbschlauchfolie


  • Transparent or opaque
  • Colouring as desired
  • Home compostable


Different dimensions, according to customer requirements

Recyclebare Materialien

  • PE-Folien aus Qualitätsgranulaten, bis zu 100 % recyclebar
  • PEKULight Folien, bis zu 50 % stärkenreduziert
  • PEKUBlue Folien aus Post-Industrial-Rezyklat,
    auf Wunsch lebensmittelkonform
  • PEKUPCR aus Post-Consumer-Rezyklat,
    auf Wunsch auch RecyClass-zertifiziert
  • PEKUWhite Reinraum-Folien gemäß DIN EN ISO 14644
  • PEKUGreen aus nach­wachsenden Rohstoffen


  • Semi-tubular films can be printed both inside and outside, continuously with white stripes or with an attractive print motif in full HD quality.
  • PEKUPrint® guarantees you consistently high quality with every repeat order, regardless of the order volume.

Order quantities

Like all our packaging solutions, we also supply you with semi-tubular films in a wide variety of roll formats and delivery quantities – from small batches to large orders.

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