Packaging film with straight-edge winding

Tubular film

Tubular films are used when goods are not to be packed in pre-made bags, but the flat film is to be processed into a bag during filling.

Fields of application

PEKU Folien develops with the machine manufacturers from the beginning the suitable tubular film for your application, so that you can be prepared for a continuously high cycle of your packaging machine.

PEKU produces tubular films from both high-quality raw materials and recycled materials.

Nachhaltige Flachfolie


  • Transparent or opaque
  • Colouring as desired
  • Home compostable


Different dimensions, according to customer requirements

Recyclebare Materialien

  • PE-Folien aus Qualitätsgranulaten, bis zu 100 % recyclebar
  • PEKULight Folien, bis zu 50 % stärkenreduziert
  • PEKUBlue Folien aus Post-Industrial-Rezyklat,
    auf Wunsch lebensmittelkonform
  • PEKUPCR aus Post-Consumer-Rezyklat,
    auf Wunsch auch RecyClass-zertifiziert
  • PEKUWhite Reinraum-Folien gemäß DIN EN ISO 14644
  • PEKUGreen aus nach­wachsenden Rohstoffen


  • With PEKUPrint® you can have tubular films printed by us in flexoprinting with up to 10 colours – with PEKUPrint Prime® or in brilliant quality for photo-realistic images with PEKUPrint Full HD®.
  • PEKUPrint® guarantees you consistently high quality with every repeat order, regardless of the order volume.

Order quantities

Like all our packaging solutions, we also supply tubular films in a wide variety of roll formats and delivery quantities – from small batches to large orders.

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